Sunday, August 9, 2009

Camp Pioneer

Matt left at 4:45 for Camp Pioneer. He humored his mother by pretending to be sad to leave. (Nice Acting Sarcastic Boy.) I have to say that I am not super happy that he is growing up so quickly, but I am thrilled with the fine young man he has become. I really like him. He is getting the honor and respect and loyalty parts of this great Scouting program. He is really excited to finish working on Merit Badges to get his Eagle Scout Award. It really helps that Craig is now one of his leaders. Even though Craig went on the scout camp last year as a parent it is different somehow. I think the fact that Craig is hands on in the Deacon's Quorum and working closely with the scout master who is also an Eagle Scout is really helping Matt catch the fire and love of Scouting. Right now the number of leaders in the quorum is equal to the number of boys including their former Scout Master who is now the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric and still super involved because his boys are in the quorum... I don't know for sure, but I am thrilled. He has always had great leaders so it's not that... I really have a firm belief that boys need close contact with their dads to succeed in endeavors of life. I know my boys are happier when Daddy is around.
I have a dear friend who has to do it alone and she is amazing. I certainly wouldn't want to offend anyone and I am rambling and I don't mean to I am just reflective today and feeling especially grateful to my own Mom and Dad for being the fabulous role models they are.
I Love You Pinchie and Frosty. I know my brothers feel the same also. Craig and I have been talking a lot about growing up the way that we each did. We feel blessed beyond words for our experiences and memories and the overwhelming feelings of unconditional love we were both blessed with. I really hope that my own children grow to know that they are loved above all else. I know that we have really high expectations of them... "Because I have been given much" is one of my all time favorite hymns. So... There it is... Soap Box of the month over.

Matt loved the rifle merit badge... He is really looking forward to shooting with his grandpa this summer, He passed that one on the last day... whew! He got 4 in all at camp including Lifesaving, Wilderness survival and Envirnonmental Science. And Grandma Ruthie has arranged for him to get his Horsemanship while we are in Idaho too. G'Pa Frosty is looking into the Watersports Merit Badge too that he will hopefully help with as well as fishing.
He just completed his Swiming and Music...
Add this to the other four he had and he is getting really close... He just might get to drive when he is 15 afterall!

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pinchn4 said...

Wow! We love your updated blog. And we can hardly believe how the kids have all changed this summer. Especially Matt, oh my gosh, his haircut is awesome but it grows him up so much.
It's only been 3 months since we were there and it blow me away how much they have all changed.
Love you all so much and can't wait to see you