Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Parade

I have been working on banners like a crazy person all week. Here is the product of my labors. The BC Bemrose signage is all me.
I felt very invested in the parade so we decided to stay in town this year rather than doing our traditional waterski weekend with our friends. One of Craig's basketball players was married last night too, so there was alot. (he is from England, so the 4th of July is lost on him apparently.)
We really missed it and are looking forward to the near future of being invited out to the coast... (Hint, hint... Duane & Tammy) We did get some golf in with them, so it worked out okay... Photos to follow.
Marcus really loved the idea of the hometown parade and barbecues. He was invited by the Cooper-Leavitts to participate in handing out the toothbrushes for the Main Steet Dental float. He was so excited. He changed his mind about the riding of the bike and just rode and waved a giant toothbrush. The photos are blurry because I was shot with a water bazooka from the float right before Marcus... GRRR. I am just really glad my camera survived. I was really soaked there for a minute.
It turned into a really special day and it was pretty low key. I actually got a nap in and that has never happened before on the 4th.

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