Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is Penny. Penny is beloved by miss Peyton (and Peyton's momma) We are actively searching for a Penny of our own. Penny's birth mother is expecting and we are on the waiting list for her little sister. We have been checking Kijiji everyday for a designer doggie of our own. If we don't find one, we will wait for the little sister to Penny. We are enjoying Penny on a doggie timeshare with the Quinns. We have talked and bribed our way into keeping Penny... Their little sister Kate is unfortunately attached to her too. SHOOT!
This is the only dog I have been able to have around without suffering with any allergies.


Amanda said...

SO glad to see some posts from you! We are excited to have you in scouts again too! Marcus is such a sweet boy and we love getting to have him in scouts too. Summer is so wonderful!!!

Asplund Family said...

Oh, how cute! If only it weren't for KATE! Darn it! So glad they are willing to share however. Love that you are blogging again!