Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is a little of what I have been working on instead of being a golf-aholic. I am finding it quite rewarding and enjoyable.
Swim Team starts tomorrow and Cloe is officially part of the Stanger Family as of 10:30 Saturday morning. (More about Cloe later.) So, I don't imagine I will have as much discretionary time to play in my yard...but I do
I find myself wandering through the different gardens I have planted around the place.

*** Yes, I am aware that the reds clash with the color of the house. I am working on it, and loving the process. I will be planting more yellows, oranges and whites in the future. The flowers in the baskets were supposed to be more of a deep purple, but they look so great in person.

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Amanda said...

Your funny! I didn't even think about the colors of your flowers clashing with the color of your house. I just thought hey pretty flowers! I can't ever keep haning baskets alive... I need the ground! Anyway it looks great!