Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yay Spring!

This is really the first Warm day of spring (ok not technically spring yet two days away)with no rain. YAY! Go outside kids. They wanted to get out the sprinkler and the slip and slide.
It's not that warm yet, but soon...
I was able to get my rasperries pruned and Craig did a ton in the garden. He mowed and trimmed and he is still out there working. Everything is budding out and the crocus is blooming. The tulips are thinking about it. I LOVE spring. It is one of my two favorites. (Nothing will ever beat Summer.) Everything is new and fresh.
It makes my spirit sing.


Heather Ward said...

There is so much to comment on so I'll just say that I'm SO glad you are updating!!! Keep it up.

Heidi said...

Talk about beauties!! What a beautiful family!
I'm glad to catch up with you!

wardfamily said...

Love when you post!!!