Friday, March 13, 2009


Peyton kept asking for "Faukers"... HUM... "honey don't say that in church, K?"
For days she wanted "My Faukers."
Curious as I was, I figured it meant Marcus or some toy she dearly loved and couldn't live without. A few days went by and then, we were going out for a walk or something, I slipped on a pair of fabulous sparkly flip flops and loudly she exclaims "Augh! MOMMY FAUKERS" she was so excited. Then she quickly digs through the shoe basket searching frantically and saying "where my faukers mommy???" So, the mystery of the potty mouth two year old had been solved.
She wanted her fabulous sparkly flip flops...
Needless to say with our sense of guttoral humor we get quite a kick out of Peyton and her favorite foot ware.

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